The Crafts Club | African Memory Bracelet
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15 Jul African Memory Bracelet

Thursday, May 30th 2024


African Memory Bracelet

African tribes have traditionally created lovely Jewellery from beads and wire. This is an easy and fun project that uses very basic supplies to create fashionable Jewellery for oneself or for someone special.


Steps for TheĀ African Memory Bracelet:

1. Supplies: 3 coils of spring wire (also called memory wire), assorted beads and buttons, small pliers, a charm with small jump ring attached. A jump ring is a small ring attached to charm that lets it hangs properly.

2. Using pliers crimp (make a small closed loop to keep beads from falling off) 3 mm on end of your coil spring wire.

3. Thread an assortment of beads and buttons onto the wire leaving 1 cm of wire un-beaded at the end. Keep charm separate.

4. Create a J bend on un-beaded end of wire.

5. Slip charm on to the J loop wire and gently crimp closed to finish bracelet.

6. Bracelet done and ready to wear.