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29 Jun Dee – Light

Thursday, May 30th 2024


The Dee -Light

The Dee -Light is an ultra-modern aesthetic and energy efficient decorative light fixture that hangs from the ceiling. Six light bearing branches each has an E 14 * 2.5 W un-frosted LED bulb or alternately color changing LED s of 1.2 w each. [/vc_column_text]

It makes innovate use of 1118 previously used (up-cycled) coffee pods. Six steel arms support two circular Perspex hoops which hold the pods.”

The Dee-Light is meant to be used as a decorative focal point for a room with plenty of ceiling height and space It uses 220 volts electricity and is wired in accordance with all the safety requirements. Dimensions 1.5 m x 700 cm x 700 cm The LED bulbs used are 90 % energy saving, environmentally friendly and their lifespan is a massive 25,000 hours of light.

This is an ingenious use of recycled material and takes patience and perseverance to complete.


Steps for Dee-Light:

1. Collect 1118 used coffee pods and clean them well.

2. Chose your color scheme, separate your pods by color and organize required tools.

3. Pierce coffee pods, string onto gut line and use crimps to position.

4. Make 250 coffee pod strings, hang strings of coffee pods, where they won’t get tangled.

5. Ensure electrical features are wired in accordance with all safety requirements. Affix strings firmly in place in chandelier hoops.