The Crafts Club | Punched Aluminium Candle Holder
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13 Nov Punched Aluminium Candle Holder

Thursday, May 30th 2024


Punched Aluminium  Candle Holder

Supplies for this one are easily available.


Steps for Punched Aluminium  Candle Holder:

1. SUPPLIES: glue gun, strip of aluminum foil, tracing paper, thick cardboard, pencil, awl or nail, tape, cutter, ruler, glass tumbler.

2. Measure glass tumbler circumference and height. Draw out this rectangle on tracing paper.

3. Draw design of your choice onto tracing paper rectangle.

4. Tape your tracing paper drawing to the foil which has been taped to thick cardboard.

5. Using your piercing tool (awl or nail) follow the lines of your design making small holes along all the lines of your design.

6. When done remove tracing paper and trim your foil to the correct size..

7. Wrap the foil around your glass tumbler and use glue gun to secure in place.

8. Finished piece of work. Light it and enjoy.