The Crafts Club | Retro Easy Vinyl LP Bag
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22 Jul Retro Easy Vinyl LP Bag

Thursday, May 30th 2024


Retro Easy Vinyl LP Bag


A simple vintage vinyl LP can be repurposed into an unusual retro bag. Supplies for this one are easily available. Drilling of the holes is best done on a lathe drill with a size 2 drill bit.


Steps for Retro Easy Vinyl LP Bag:

1. Supplies: two galvanized wires bent into handles (wire size 55 cm long x +- 1.8 thickness), 2 x LPs with 2 mm holes drilled according to template, piece of pre-hemmed mesh shade cloth (10 cm wide x 52 cm long – allow 1 cm extra for seam allowance all around), beads large enough to fit on wire handles, wire for sewing (I used thin telephone cable wire), scissors, small pliers, 4 x key loops (2 cm across).

2. Crimp both handles with a small loop on one end. Bead the handles and close with a loop. Complete both handles.

3. With wire sew the two LPs together with the hemmed mesh strip starting on the second hole.

4. Remember to leave the first hole empty.

5. When sewing is done it should look like this on both sides. Put a silver key loop in first hole on each LP.

6. Loop your handles on to the key rings.

7. Retro ready- to- wear.

8. Drilling Template for LP. Use size 2 drill bit .